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Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience (1 Peter 3:15b-16a ESV)

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Presidential Prayer, Day 40 

from Bryan at Spare Change. And since it's the final installment, I'll cut and paste it here.
Lord God,
The day has finally arrived...the culmination of this small but faithful group of prayer petitioners. Lord today we ask that your will be revealed...not necessarily in the outcome of the election, but in your will for this great nation, for this great people, represented by the leader chosen today.
Lord, I ask you that you give us the President we deserve, a man who is a reflection of who we are before you. I ask that you would allow us to be humble enough to look at our President elect, and in him, we would see ourselves from your eyes. Lord, I ask that this leader who truly represents us...maybe in our best moments, maybe in our worst moments, probably in all our moments, would then be empowered by you to rise above our limitations, by our predispositions, by our own limited estimation.
Lord, I pray for your grace and mercy upon the winning candidate and his family. I pray that you give this man wisdom beyond his years and his experience. Lord, I ask that you give him a double portion of patience, a full complement of your courage and conviction, and through the power of your Holy Spirit, an awareness of Your presence and pre-eminence over all matters under his jurisdiction.
Lord, I pray for the President-elect's protection. I pray that you would thwart any individual or terrorist organization who would attempt to take his life. I pray for his spouse and children, that they too would be protected and ever free from harm's way. Lord, I also ask for the spiritual protection of the President-elect. Such a person of great power and responsibility will be subject to tremendous temptations, as well as spiritual assault. I pray that your Spirit will lead our President elect to seek your face and seek protection in your sufficient grip. I pray that you will bind the enemy from this man, from his family, and from his staff.
Lord, I also ask that you bless and comfort the candidate who does not win today. I pray that your Spirit will encourage him and lead him to continue in a place of service that will bless many.
Father God, I pray for our nation...today could be filled with violence, controversy, danger, animosity...I pray for Your Spirit to rest heavily over this great land, that people would seek peace amidst our differences, and understand that even well-intentioned people can disagree civilly, for the sake of the nation. I pray that this election may serve as a tool to heal that which divides us, and that it would begin soon. I pray that our divisions over race, economics, social issues, and political issues would be reconciled by Your Holy Spirit, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.
Lord, I thank you for these forty days where we have been focused in prayer for you. I don't know if its changed our nation, but I know how your Spirit has changed me in this time. You have been so faithful to encourage me with Your Presence, to remind me of Your strength, provision, and sufficiency. You alone are Lord and You alone are God. You reign on High, and You ordain who will rise and fall as leaders of this Land. We confidently and thankfully trust You in all these matters, and we ask for the resources necessary that today, in whatever the outcome, that praise would indeed be on our lips, and joy would be in our hearts because You alone are King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Father, grant us that which we need to be faithful witnesses to you in all the affairs of our life. Equip us to love and support our President-elect, and to follow him as he follows You. Lord, convict each of us that as this man struggles as he is sure to do from time to time, that before we would be hyper-criticial, we would intercede on his behalf before You.
Thank you again for hearing our prayer. And thank you Lord Jesus for taking these prayers to the throne of the Father on our behalf. Not because we deserve it, or because we are worth it, but because You are God and Your will is perfect and Your ways are graceful and merciful, we ask You today to show your favor upon us and bless America for Your name's sake.
In the Sufficient and Unmatched Power of the Christ Jesus we pray....


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