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Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience (1 Peter 3:15b-16a ESV)

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Mindless Rambling .... 

And a little bit of a Blogroll Cruise for good measure.

First, a little randomness. I've been leaving BlogExplosion alone for a bit, conducting an experiment. I wanted to see what impact being close to the top 1000 in the TTLB ecosystem was having on my actual hits, rather than just links. I have noticed a slight increase -- of course, me not posting anything for five days didn't really help endear me to any new readers (HEY, come back! I'm writing stuff now! PLEASE!!!). Now I've decided I like the little line graph going UP on statcounter, so I'm back on the 'Splosion. And I remember what I didn't like about it the last time -- a lot of people with nothing much to say (kinda like me today, huh?).

Stones Cry Out is talking about First Principles. I find myself disagreeing with the principle that conservatives adhere to custom, convention, and continuity. I'm not what I would consider a conventional person. Custom is a wonderful thing, but it isn't a rule of my life. I DO like continuity, though, since I am a (budding) historian. Continuity for its own sake, though, is wrong. I'm looking close at the other ten principles here, and if I think it's warranted I'll put a post together about my thoughts on the subject.

Scott over at the Crusty Curmudgeon reminds me that yesterday was the feast day of Caedmon, which the Celtic/British history nut in me should have remembered. I have an excuse -- I've been reading a LOT more "modern" (18th century and later) church history recently. I think this summer will be time to pull out the Bede again.

Rebecca must be reading my mind. Go read this post. We argue about doctrine, disagree about everything under the sun -- but we are still brothers and sisters in Christ if we have the same trust in Christ for our salvation. I'm getting ready to put a study together on "Baptist Distinctives" that I hope I'll get to do at church, and I got to thinking about them. I realized that while I think they're all important things, I am good friends with people who would disagree with me on just about all of them. And these are people whose salvation I do not question, and whose walk with Christ is beyond reproach. God doesn't mind if they're wrong ;-)

The King of the Blogs tourney is still running, and they've had a ruling monarch last long enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. And rumor is that a former monarch (who is working on a new template) is considering an attempt at regaining his throne. . . Or maybe he's just pulling people's chains, who knows. He's strange that way ......


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